Thursday, August 10, 2017

How we spent our Summer Break 2017

Another post to catch up. 

This post is all about our summer break.  I will do a separate post for our vacation, because it always deserves a post of its own.

We had a very laid back summer.  I didn't have much ambition to do much.  I guess one reason is because we had worked so hard all year with having to move that I just wanted to enjoy home.  I also had worked this year and had to leave home everyday.  I'm a big homebody and just didn't want to have to leave the house.  I have spoiled my kids into thinking I have to entertain them.  I know it's my fault.  This year I just firmly told them no.  We were staying home a lot.  They didn't handle it too well, but they soon adjusted.

We also put the pool back up so they swam a lot this summer.  I did too.  I always tried to sneak out to have a few minutes alone in the pool, but I promise you.  The longest I ever made it was 2 minutes.

We enjoyed parks and our library this summer.  Even then, we still didn't attend as many programs at the library like we usually do.  I just didn't remind the kids and we didn't go.  We just stayed in the pool.

When we did go to the park, I would walk to get my steps in, but ended up hurting my back somehow so then we didn't even hardly go to the park anymore.

My Summer Babysitter
Campfire to celebrate summer break

We even had friends over to swim with occasionally.  We didn't get everyone's picture though. 

One day we walked to the local store and had a snack. The kids really enjoyed that and have asked to go again.

One minute they were fighting and the next minute, best of friends.

They enjoyed spending time at the library.  There's a tween program now that my boys loved.  They got to play the wii with other kids their age and play mini golf in the library.  They also spent lots of times reading books or playing on the computers too.  They asked to go to the library quite a bit.

Amelia is not a tween or a teen, but you try telling her that.

We also celebrated Father's Day this summer.  My kids sure love their Daddy!!

We spent one Saturday in Stanford at a festival.  They enjoyed the horse ride and parade.

With summer fun also comes lots of work.  We still had an old house full of stuff that needed to be either sold, donated, or stored.  We spent many hours working to clear the house.  Then we had to put things in our storage building that we wanted to keep.  We also had 2 yard sales.  After the 2nd one, we took the rest to the Goodwill.  I was done looking at it.  So glad all that is done and over with.  Our kid have done a lot of work this year.  It's been good for them.  I've also made sure they have had fun too.  Some days that we wasn't doing anything or it was raining they would make the comment "Worst summer ever!!!"  I hated that!  I always assured them there were plenty of kids stuck in a daycare or with an elderly grandparent who hadn't got to do anything that summer and they needed to be more thankful. 

We did go on vacation and my next post will be about that.

The last few weeks of school was when we started finalizing our summer bucket list.  I was running out of time to get things marked off.  Things I had promised the kids and they hadn't let me forget about. 
One thing was going to the water park.  We still hadn't made it to one all summer long.  So last week we got up and I told them to get ready we were going to the waterpark.  I timed them eating lunch just right so they wouldn't be hungry at the park and they could play for several hours before heading home for church.

We got to the park and it looked closed.  Went to the front gate to read their hours and a group of kids with an adult, hollered out that the park was going to open at 1 p.m.  Well, it was 12 so we could wait an hour.  This group continued to tell others that it was going to open at 1 and several cars were waiting.  Closer to 1, I realized that there still wasn't any employees there and the group telling everyone that the park was opening, had left.  I found a number for the city and called to ask if they were going to open or not.  I was told they had already went to school schedule and would be open only on weekends.  I told them they needed to update their website because it still showed them as open.  Also, I let them know about the group telling everyone they were opening.  My kids cried and cried.  I had promised to bring them all summer and had waited to late.  I went to tell others in their vehicles that the park was not opening.

I kind of felt guilty about this, because it was my fault for not bringing the kids earlier and I had promised to take them.  So, I headed my van to Williamsburg to an even bigger water park.  Problem was I didn't want to have to pay more money for a short play time so I ended up telling the kids we wouldn't make it to church that night and they could play until the park closed.  All of a sudden they were happy kids again.  This was a much better park anyway!!  They won't every want to go back to the other one.

We got there about 2:30  they played until 6.  The park was supposed to close at 7, but a storm came and we had to leave.  They didn't like that very much, but I couldn't do anything about it.  They still ended up having a good day after all.

The next day or two, we drove past the Hawaiian Shaved Ice truck.  I had promised my kids I would take them one day this summer.  I was scared that this may be our last chance and I didn't want another "But you promised" episode to happen again, so we stopped.

Did ya'll know that not everyone likes Tiger's Blood??  None of my crew liked it.  Not even Maynard.  What is wrong with people???  I ordered Amelia a Tiger's Blood and she hated it.  Josiah tasted it and he didn't like it either, but was willing to trade her.  That made such an impression on the owner that he went and fixed Josiah a large one that he liked.  He told me I had a good kid right there.  Made me feel better because that "good kid" was giving his Mom a hard time that day.

We went back to school shopping and have everything we need for school.  We even went to a back to school party hosted by our kid's pediatrician.  Not the best place for a party in my opinion, but what do I know??

And that's it!  Summer is about over and back to a regular schedule.  As much as I love summer break, its always nice to get back to a regular routine.

I'll try to have our vacation post up soon!!!!  Maybe you will have the First Day of School post by Spring break! Ha Ha

Last Day of School 2016-2017

Technically, school starts in 4 days and I'm just now posting about their last day of school.  It's ridiculous I know, but I blame it on my Blogger app.  I'm just going to add pictures and maybe a few words to explain.  I'm not even going to do a comparison picture of previous years.  You can look at last years post if ya want.  I'm in a hurry. Ha Ha

My kids had a very happy and successful year.  Josiah loved being in middle school, Titus thrived in 3rd grade, and Amelia was a very happy 1st grader.  I also loved the school year too.  I was a teacher's aide for middle school and kindergarten part time.  It's hard to not fall in love with those kids.  I have been out of school for 20 years so, I had to work hard to be able to help these students.  I was surprised at what I did remember though and actually enjoyed the challenge of relearning a lot of things.

 The last day of school is also their awards service every year.  It's what they love and look forward to every year.  It's rewarding for all their hard work.

I'll start with Josiah.
I know he's mine and this may sound like bragging, but he's so smart.  However, he made the school year a bit stressful because he made everything so difficult.  He memorized everything he did.  Refused any shortcuts (besides getting his mom or other classmates to score for him).  So he made lots of 100's on his tests.  His goal chart was covered in Gold stars.  I just wished he would relax more.  As long as he stays on honor roll, I don't expect perfect test scores.  Hopefully, we have  a better year and he doesn't stress himself out so much.  I am very pleased with his grades and all his hard work this year.  He received the following awards.

Character award-Authenticity
Excellent attendance
Jr convention certificate
Honor roll
Scripture-memorized book of Ruth
Basketball certificate

Now for Titus......

 Bible award-read all 4 gospels
Academic-Creative Writing
Excellent Attendance
Character Award-Compassion
Honor Roll
Scripture-Memorized the book of Ruth
Reading challenge award
Jr convention award


Bible award-Life of Christ
Citizenship Award
Character award-Patience
Scripture-memorized the book of Ruth
Reading challenge-140 books
Honor roll

I'm very proud of them and hope they have an even better year this fall.

Amelia's class had dress up career day and she chose to be a Mommy!  There was no talking her out of it and it made my heart proud.

I also had to tell my kindergarteners bye!  They were crazy and I loved their crazy!!

LCA Zoo Field Trip

We decided to take Kindergarten through 2nd grade to Knoxville zoo for their big field trip of the year.  I decided to put myself in charge to try and get the best deal and to also arrive and depart safely.  Not that anyone else couldn't do that, but it's how I do!!!

Since we would be getting back home after school that evening, we had to take our boys along too,  Josiah was extremely excited, but Titus was a little bit angry for having to miss his class that day.  I think they had something planned fun too.

Maynard took a vacation day to be our driver that day.  We were very thankful for him.

We all met in the parking lot bright and early only to have our church van refuse to start.  We finally got into a smaller church van and was on our way an hour behind schedule.

We had perfect zoo weather!  Such a gorgeous day and everyone had a great time.  We split into groups and would occasionally run into each other throughout the day.  I got stuck being in charge of my kids, but I usually do.  Ha Ha  We also had another boy that we kept up with too.  That cheered Titus up a bit.  He had fun too.  Don't let him fool you.

I'll drop a few pics for this post.  A zoo is a zoo.  Not much I can say.

Group Photo, but some kids had already left.

Our Tram driver seemed to think we were a little crazy.  He may have mentioned we were his loudest crew that day.

If you look closely, my little buddy was trying to keep Maynard from sitting next to me.

Maynard took tons more pics, but I never did get them from him.  I may get them later and add them to this post.
By the end of the day, they were burning up and there was a wading pool.  I'm sure all the other responsible parents or staff members didn't allow their children to get wet.  I told my group they could wade.  They mistook wading for jumping in.  Before you knew it, we had kids coming out of everywhere joining in.  So we had some wet kids traveling home, but I'm sure it felt wonderful to them.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Mother's Day and my birthday 2017

I'm trying so hard to get caught up on my blog posts.  Here it is a month until school starts and I haven't even blogged about the last day of school yet.  I'll get to it, I promise.

Mother's day was May 2014.  All I wanted for Mother's day was 2 ferns to hang on my front porch.  I've never had a front porch before and I couldn't wait to hang ferns.  Of course, I wanted to be subtle and not come right out and ask for them.  So one day I went to Krogers with the kids and as we walked by all the plants and flowers outside, I mentioned, "Ya'll need to tell Daddy that I want 2 of these Boston Ferns.  They have to be just like these, ok?"  Then, I didn't really think of it that much anymore.  Maynard always takes the kids shopping the night before Mother's day.  They love it!!

That evening I had to get something out of the back of the van and I found a pink flower petal.  I was kind of disappointed because I was afraid that Maynard had bought me the hanging baskets with flowers and all I wanted was the ferns.  Ha Ha  So, I prepped myself that the next morning I wouldn't be getting my ferns and it would be ok.

Maynard surprised me with breakfast from McDonalds and then he did all the ironing for church. 

When it was gift time I was told to close my eyes.  One by one, the kids brought me little flowers for me to plant in the yard.  One even had pink petals.  Then Maynard came out with my 2 ferns!!!  Yay!!!  So I got my ferns after all.  One day I will learn to quit being so nosey!!!

We went to church and took a few pics in front of the Mother's Day back drop.

We ate lunch at Gondoliers and I got cheesecake for dessert!!
Then they all let me enjoy my Sunday nap.

Amelia and I also got to attend the Mother/Daughter's tea party at the library.  She loves going to this every year.  I'll take her as long as she's old enough to go.

She was so torn between wearing her princess dress or for me and her to wear matching dresses.  She finally decided we should match. 

She made several crafts and even got her annual jewelry haul in her treat bag.

So I had a very special Mother's Day and I'm thankful for the gift of being a mother. 

I am also thankful for my Mom who taught me how to be a good Mom!

My birthday was soon after Mother's Day so I'll just post a couple pictures of that instead of another post.

I woke up on my birthday and could hear the kids rummaging around the kitchen.  They kept peeking at me through my bedroom door so I pretended to be a sleep so I wouldn't ruin their surprise.  They came to get me and told me to come to the kitchen with my eyes closed.

 The kids had made me a candle-lit birthday breakfast.  Josiah made the sausage and eggs.  Amelia made the toast and cut up the banana.  Titus lit all the candles.  My present was from Titus and it was his fidget spinner.  I thought this was super sweet.

We had my birthday dinner at Dave's Steakhouse and then I wanted an ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen.
 I also got a fitbit for my present.  I did really well with it at first, but now it's starting to loose its effect.

I am 39 and holding.  Why am I dreading turning 40 so bad?  I remember crying when my Mom turned 40 because I thought she was getting old.
Oh, my cat decided to bring me a birthday present too!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Titus and Amelia's Baptisim

I am one happy Mom!  All of my children have been saved and baptized now.  We had a baptisim service on May 7, 2017.  It was kind of quick notice so my family wasn't able to attend due to other plans.  I was disappointed about that, but my kids didn't want to wait any longer.  Josiah had already been baptized so it was Titus and Amelia's turn.

Now, you may have noticed that I hadn't done a blog about Titus getting saved yet.  His salvation was one that I didn't witness so I felt I had to watch him to see how I felt about it.  Ha ha  I know that sounds terrible, but here's his story.

April 25, 2015 was the day before Maynard's birthday.  Titus and Josiah were in their room praying before bed.  Maynard and I was already in bed.  Both boys came running into our room and Josiah announced, "Titus just got saved!"  Titus was smiling and looked at Maynard and said, "Yep!!  I got saved for your birthday, Dad!!!"

So, you can see why I may have doubted that.  Ha Ha  Anyway, the last 2 years when the opportunity would arise I would always ask him whether he was saved or not.  No matter how I questioned him or even tried to get him to say he wasn't saved, he always declared he was and I couldn't talk him out of it.  So if he feels like he's saved than who am I to question him about it or not!  Just because I didn't have the sweet moment with him like I did my other children, doesn't mean he didn't get saved.  Salvation is that simple.  I think people make it more difficult than it needs to be.

So when it was announced that there was going to be a baptisimal service at our church, Amelia and Titus were both ready.

We ended up with 11 of our young people getting baptized that night.  How exciting!  We have such a great group of kiddos in our church.  They truly love the Lord and want to do what's right.

Titus was the only boy out of 8 girls.

They all went in order of their ages.  Look at that tall girl next to last in line.  Looks like she should be up closer in line.

Titus testifying.

Amelia's turn.

  Now Amelia had this big long testimony ready.  She had practiced and practiced, but when it was time to testify, she only got out, "I want to thank the Lord for saving me!"  She said she got too nervous.  So cute!!

She had a smile in all her pictures.
 I had both of them pack extra clothes to change into.  They just got baptized in their church clothes, because it was just water and wouldn't hurt their clothes.  That way they only had to change one time.  I got so tickled when I realized Titus had chosen a Goodwill bag to pack his extra clothes in.  No shame!!!  Ha Ha
I'm thankful for my church who don't leave the little children out.  They stress salvation and the bible to them every chance they get.  Going to a Christian school has been an added bonus to them as well!!!

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.  3 John 1:4